2021 and 2022 - Please, no enquiries about puppies these years. Thank You.

Our pet... Ralphy

Havieras  Kennels

a home for havanese dogs, puppies

& their humans

About Us At HAvieras

Hi! My name is Hazel and I do hope you enjoy browsing our site.

Some information about our kennel and how it came to be:

  • We are located on the Wirral in the UK
  • The kennel family consists of  mum, dad, son, daughter and our dogs, Ralphy, Oz , Frankie, Theo and Shinx
  • Ralphy, our much loved pet dog,  became part of our family in early 2009
  • Through a friend's dogs we fell in love with the breed several years ago
  • We researched, talked to breeders and gained some knowledge
  • We also had many fantastic opportunities to gain practical experience of caring for havanese dogs generally, helped with several whelpings and helped care for mummy dog and the puppies
  • The decision was made to start devoting ourselves to this special breed
  • Mum had recently retired from work and now had time to dedicate to loving, caring for, showing and occasionally breeding
  • Our kennel was founded and the search for our foundation havanese dog  began
  • Oz flew into our lives from the other side of the world and we fell in love with him instantly
  • We thank Lindsay Bolden of Carnwath Havanese for our boy who arrived with his Australian Champion title and has continued enjoying to show in the UK to date
  • Frankie and Theo came to us from Karen Clark of Versailles Kennels to whom we are more than grateful. Karen has a lifetime of experience in dog showing and breeding, including many successful years in havanese. Without her friendship, help and support we could not have commenced on this journey.  We feel privileged to have such an expert and friend as our guide in all things havanese. 
  • We will always breed responsibly and only breed occasionally. Our ultimate goal is to breed our own next show dog to join our squad (squad is the kid's word for our small pack).  
  • We are a small kennel and will remain so
  • Whilst the breed standard is important, primarily we breed for happy, healthy dogs and puppies with good temperaments
  • Relevant health tests are up to date
  • We believe that we have: the time; a loving home in a good location for dogs; a passion for the breed; and   knowledge and experience. We are continually learning.
  • We are determined to do our best for the future of  the havanese breed as a whole
  • We will support all adoptive human parents of our dogs and puppies and also have a wonderful set of people involved in this breed,  and other breeds, as our own support network
  • If you want to come and visit our home, whether you are interested in a puppy or not,  or just want a chat about the breed, we will be happy to talk and show you our dogs  (and puppies if we have any at the time). Just give us a call.
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