Havieras  Kennels

a home for havanese dogs, puppies

& their humans

We love to show our dogs however 

our main aim is that our dogs and puppies are

happy, healthy and with good temperaments.

Very occasionally we have havanese puppies available for sale.

A Taster of Information on the Havanese Dog

  • Havanese dogs were originally bred in Cuba and have gradually gained in popularity far across the globe
  • Lively, happy, affectionate and always eager to please their humans,  they are adaptable and fit into most lifestyles
  • The havanese is a sturdy dog for a toy breed and relatively healthy compared to many other breeds
  • They are not aggressive dogs however may bark on occasions as they can be good watchdogs
  • Havanese are good with children and other animals if properly socialised
  • They are quick witted, intelligent and easily trained 
  • Havanese dogs and puppies do not like to be left alone for long periods as they are very sociable and we would not place dogs or puppies with a person or family whose lifestyle would require it to be regularly left alone for long periods
  • Whilst they do not shed all over the furniture, the hair they lose gets caught in their coats which must be brushed and combed out regularly. Grooming can be a challenge at first if you keep them in a long coat yet it is a special time spent together. Many owners choose to keep their havanese in puppy cuts which looks very cute

If you are interested in the havanese dog breed contact us for further information. Happy to help!

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 Havanese dogs  and puppies... in our humble opinion...

are almost part human and bring oodles of fun,  love and devotion to 

their owners and families

2021 and 2022 - Please, no enquiries about puppies these years. Thank You.

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